Hey 🙂 Warm greetings 😉 I am feeling ecstatic that you are reading this and have put an effort to spare me your valuable time. This precious site is a second home to me and my readers are my assets.

This notion of travelling projects a fancy image when you talk about it, but it does not actually implies the idea where it would compel you to break your shell and do some thing out of the box. Travelling is not about spending thousands of bucks just to achieve that satisfaction and appreciation within your artificial society. Any idea or concept that lacks basic logic, or makes a thing a task to do is rather a myth being encouraged and practiced by social snobs.

To explain it, one must need to comprehend the fact that you simply can not get every thing at one time. You are definitely going to miss something while having some other stuff. The important thing is to grab all those moments in your mind that gives you a sense of happiness atleast to keep them safe forever as good memories. Travelling requires your will power and goodwill to explore the stuff you are not familiar with. It could even be a long drive with your crush to some exotic area!

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